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Error Number: 350 - Native SQL Error Code
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vline = 29: index [:vID_PKG] [1]
list.inc: [:vID_PKG] [1]

Page = \index.ihtml
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vLoop = :vloop
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whichNew= :vwhichNew

A Database Error Occurred:
[Microsoft][ODBC Visual FoxPro Driver]SQL: Column 'FIRSTFUDDY' is not found.
Last SQL Statement:
select id, id_sit, id_CALprnt, name, dispname, regpath, regformat, arrivedate, arrivetime, arriveampm, departdate, departime, departampm, type_pkg, dep_pulead, tot_days, firstFUDdy, firstFUDid, lastFUDdy, lastFUDid from ./1/reserv8n/bookable/pkg where type_pkg = 1 and arrivedate > 20200922 and active = 1 order by arrivedate, sort
CCBot/2.0 (https://commoncrawl.org/faq/)
Path Info:

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