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Employment - Team Players Wanted ... Summer Staff 2017

The Outdoor & Retreat Ministries (ORM), is a ministry of the Northern Illinois Conference (region), of the United Methodist Church. ORM provides Outdoor & Retreat oppportunities at two different physical sites: Reynoldswood Christian Camp on the Rock River in Dixon, Illinois, and Wesley Woods Retreat Center on Geneva Lake in Williams Bay, Wisconsin.
Equal Opportunity Employer
ORM believes in the principal of respect for the dignity of each individual, since everyone is created in the image of God. We further believe in the Biblical doctrine of obedience to the laws enacted under the power delegated to government ordained of God. We, therefore, enforce as policy, the law that each individual, as a matter of basic right, is entitled to equal employment opportunities without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin or age except where sex or age is a bona fide occupational qualification. This right to equal employment opportunities encompasses all phases of hiring, placement, training, promotion, compensation and development.
Background Check
All persons being considered for employment by ORM must complete an Authorization for Background Check form. This form authorizes ORM and the Northern Illinois Conference of the United Methodist Church to complete the required background check for employment.
Due to new employment laws/regulations, we first review applications, then conduct interviews, and only then are allowed to provide the Authorization for Background Check form to those individuals to whom we intend to offer employment.
It is the policy of the Northern Illinois Conference that all employees are employed at the will of the NIC, so that either party may terminate the relationship without cause.