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The following are easy-to-implement fundraising ideas for your local youth to implement in church and around town:
  1. Sunday Morning Pancake Breakfast at Church (not a big promotional effort, just a monthly breakfast prepared in your own kitchen by the youth who want to attend camp. It's teaching them valuable lessons [and skills], and bringing your members to church early!)
  2. Car Wash (location will vary with your community rules, traffic patterns and supportive businesses)
  3. Service Board (Church members post on a bulletin board odd jobs (leaf raking, Christmas Decoration mounting and removal/storage), or service projects for around their home and a price they would pay for the service. Youth take the postings and sign up to do the task for the donation.)
  4. Noodles & Doodles Spaghetti Dinner--charge admission--with Student Art on Auction (Silent or Audible--depends on your local talent)
  5. Campership Fund (establish a campership fund and promote it in your weekly bulletin)
  6. Designated Camp Sunday Special Offering (work with your Admin Council and designate one Sunday to promote Summer Camp and dedicate that week's offering to your Campership Fund for your own youth. (We have a Speakers Bureau that can provide guest speakers February through May).
  7. Cake Walk (a traditional favorite)
  8. Dinner Theatre (Most elementary Sunday School classes present a holiday performance on Sunday morning, for the older youth, present a Friday Night "play/theatre" WITH CHILDCARE for an entertaining "Couples Night Out".)
  9. Holiday Wreaths and Greenery (Make your own or buy in bulk and resell.)
  10. Camp Work Party (Organize a Saturday morning work party at Reynoldswood or Wesley Woods [8am - 1pm], and we'll feed you breakfast and lunch, and knock $20 off your camp fee.
  11. Recycling (church members bring the recyclables to the youth as a central collection point, the youth do the actual recycling exchange for money)
  12. Movie Night @ the Church (complete with Popcorn, soda and healthy alternatives)
Please share your successful fundraising efforts that your congregation uses to help your youth with Camperships (Camp Scholarships), by e-mailing them to exec@niccamp.org and we will print them in the next issue of the NIC Reporter.